How will you receive all the information and your affiliate code link ?


You will automatically receive 2 e-mails for Eco-guides (people who wish to benefit from a new SPA concept nature & ZEN stay with test hybrid-electric car 100% subsidized).

Also for people Influencer / Youtubeur, who ticks in this box, receive a 3rd mail with the special offer Influencer.

The 1st mail with the following information :

  • A link to validate your email.

The 2nd mail with the following information :

  1. Your reference invitation & registration stays ecotourism 100% subsidized :
  2. Your affiliate URL to use in your publications on social networks, YouTube video, forum and others :
  3. Your password to access your affiliate account :
  4. The reference of the affiliate who invited you to join :
  5. The link of our youtube channel ‘Booking organization’ which informs you how to fill and send your booking request.
  6. The booking form link to make your reservation of the stay :

(You can turn your eco-points into a weekly salary, up to a maximum of 1,000 € equivalent to 1,000 eco-points, the rest of your eco-points to use in tourist service and tourist property acquisition with monthly rental income with our eco-bungalows in our tourist eco-villages).

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